Versus Systems’ Head of Engineering Desmond Bowe Presents at New Orleans Elixir Conference; Hosts Los Angeles Elixir Meetup

Versus Systems promoting highly scalable, available, reliable technology stack built for telecom-level performance inside their esports and gaming prizing platform

LOS ANGELES, Nov. 15, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Versus Systems, Inc. (“Versus”) (CSE:VS) (OTCQB:VRSSF) (FRANKFURT:BMVA) which has built its Winfinite platform on the Elixir technology stack, expands its presence in the Elixir community, promoting the primary programming language used to build its scalable in-game prizing platform. Versus Systems’ Head of Engineering, Desmond Bowe, delivered a presentation on zero-downtime deployment of Elixir applications at The Big Elixir conference in New Orleans on November 11, 2018, and Versus will host the Los Angeles Elixir Meetup at Versus Systems headquarters on Thursday, November 15, 2018.

“Our contributions to the Elixir community have been instrumental both in delivering relevant technical content to interested programmers and in fostering community around this remarkable technology,” said Desmond Bowe, head of engineering at Versus Systems and member of the Erlang Software Foundation, which includes luminaries from WhatsApp, Heroku, and Cisco. “Versus’ leadership in this area is attracting talented candidates and communicating a success story around how Elixir gives us a strong competitive advantage.”

The Elixir programming language that powers Versus’ Winfinite prizing platform is the next generation of scalable, reliable, available technology that was first designed to promote carrier grade services for telecommunications networks - the same type of highly available, scalable systems that allowed WhatsApp to support the traffic of over 400 million global users with fewer than 40 engineers. With the technology, originally developed by Ericsson to run their high-traffic telecom switches, the Versus engineering team can build performant systems with uptime guarantees rivalling those developed at a much greater expense by much larger teams.

“Developing in Elixir was a necessary step for us because we know that the global gaming market is enormous - and that it demands highly reliable systems to service the billion plus gamers, and their tens of billions of gaming sessions worldwide,” said Matthew Pierce, CEO of Versus Systems. “The Winfinite platform was designed to provide real-world prizes to players and viewers of the world’s most popular games and interactive media. We couldn’t do it without a world-class team employing the right technology for the job.”

Tickets to today’s LA Elixir Meetup, hosted by Versus, are available at Versus engineers will be delivering presentations on the technology and its applications in interactive media; the event will also be livestreamed.

For more information on Versus Systems’ new integrated consumer platform, Winfinite, visit or visit Versus Systems' official YouTube channel.

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